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The X has been designed to be used as your daily liner,
no job too big or small for this powerful machine at a low voltage.
The steel vice keeps most of the weight at the front for virtually no vibration, this allows for better grip control and little tension on the wrist.
The back spring adds a nice give to the machine, together with the 4mm. stroke makes the X perfect for lining, although it can also be used for shading and colour packing as well.
Motor: 9v high torque made in Germany.
Casing: Aircraft grade aluminium.
Vice and armature bar: steel.
Bearing: ISO P4 made in Japan.
Cam: Brass, 4mm. stroke
Recommended voltage: 5.5v-6.v
Recommended needle configurations:
3RL to 14RL, I prefer to use straight
or open needles from 8RL up,
this allows for a better ink flow and faster tattooing.
RS needles can also be used for lining.
Can be used with most cartridges but needs a small rubber band trick,
email me and I'll give you the info.
Please leave a note if you use disposable or steel tubes so I can adjust the vice accordingly, thank you!